Heal Estate

Based in Los Angeles, Heal Estate is an extraordinary combination of Adrienne Kessler’s professional experience in both the real estate industry and the holistic healing world. Heal Estate brings the concept of healing into the real estate industry through a powerful network of online community-building, information, inspiration and environmentally sustainable and eco-dynamic contacts and connections.
After overcoming a serious illness caused by chemical exposure from the environment and from her career as a hairstylist in the Motion Picture Industry, Adrienne transitioned into real estate. During this time, Adrienne attended The Jaffe Institute of Medical and Spiritual Healing, where she was inspired to become the founder and creator of Heal Estate.

Heal Estate combines and infuses real estate with the values of a sustainable, environmentally-friendly and eco-conscious lifestyle for anyone involved in the home including realtors, builders, contractors, painters, electrical engineers, designers and home owners. The goal and purpose of Heal Estate is to increase awareness of the necessity to make conscious, deliberate and healthy choices in anything involving our homes and our environments. This online community is the answer to your “green-friendly” questions and the place to access information, inspiration, knowledge and insight into creating a healthy and clean home environment.

Please visit Adrienne Kessler’s Website at http://healestate.com/